Viking Soul Food Review

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It turned out that I had a little time while some renderings were cooking to walk down to the Green Castle Food Carts and stop at the next destination on my food cart review list.

Viking Soul Food is a deceiving name for this wonderful cart. I’m not sure what would give it more justice, but the food is more important than the name, I suppose. I was able to sneak a peek at their menu on their website before walking over. I didn’t want to be one to pronounce ‘lefses” wrong (pronounced Lef-suh) so I did my homework and made my choice. I had the salmon lefses (Akevitt cured, Duchess smoked salmon, dill creme fraiche, pickled shallot, watercress).



The salmon broke apart and was nice and moist. The pickled shallot and watercress had just enough presence. The wrap itself was surprisingly tasty–almost a crepe in consistency while maintaining the structure of something more like a flour tortilla.


Layers of dynamic flavor.

After making my way through this, I was still a little hungry. They offer the lefses for $4.50 or two for $8.00. The price point is a little tricky. I feel like the price is spot on for 1 yet to be filled it would cost a little more than I feel comfortable paying. So I ate a Clif Bar after and finished up.

This place is really good. I’m giving it 8/10 finger-lickins and look forward to trying more of the menu. The meatballs they offer sound like heaven.

Tomorrow I’ll review the Lunch Box Wizard cart.




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