The Wrapture Cart Review

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If you’ve passed be Green Castle Food Court in the month, you may have noticed a green cart against the fence with the phrase “Salads and Wraps” tagged on the side. The cart with no name is apparently going to be called The Wrapture according to co-owner Matt.

Per my M.O. I asked Matt to recommend his favorite wrap to me to use for my review. He recommended the Mango Wrap. I got a side of ginger sesame dressing on the side. I’m still munching on the chips and the wrap is long gone. One thing I can say for sure about this cart is that it makes me miss my days of working downtown when I could score a chicken and avocado wrap from Spoons at the 5th Ave carts about 7-8 carts away from The Brunch Box.

I forgot how much I enjoy the simplicity of a wrap. Keeping in mind that it is a little chilly out here in PDX, a little heavier fare would’ve been nice. The wrap was, I believe, whole wheat and stuffed with salad, mango, some candied walnuts, and a bit of jalapeño for good measure. Spicy and filling. I’d say my biggest wish for this wrap is that the wrapping wasn’t such a dominate element of the wrap. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I had a mouth full of whole wheat and was struggling to eat the yummy insidey parts. Beyond that it was a very good and not overly complex meal. The chips are were really good; especially after dipping them in the dressing. At $6, this wrap gets a solid 6/10 finger-lickins’

Oh yeah…and I’m back from China. I’ve got about 32Gb of video to sort through and edit, but once that is up, I’ll have a video comp of my journey from Beijing to Shenzhen to Hong Kong to Lamma Island. Fun!




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