Big C’s BBQ Cart Review

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It was quite a tragedy that Coreena [slap me if I spelled that wrong] and friends had to wait a couple weeks more to open Big C’s BBQ cart at my favorite food cart pod of Green Castle Food Court.  BUT today they opened at about high noon. A simple menu that consists of BBQ pork ribs and chicken with some solid choices for sides; mac and cheese, pork and beans, potato salad…just to name a few.

The red-and-white-checker aproned crew worked fast for their first 3 customers. I was number three. I ordered the ribs with the beans and mac & cheese.

After you eat these ribs, you slowly feel your body slow down and become possessed by Buddy Guy. Dripping in wonderful mild sauce, these ribs come with a fork and knife, which wound up being more for looks than use. My face was covered in sauce, and my stomach was filled with pork…truth be told,  it still is. The mac & cheese was a great accompaniment as they softened the sucker punch these ribs gave to my mouth. The beans were good. I think for a first go, they were a little on the forgettable side, but with a second chance, and next to the chicken, they’d be spot on. I’m really looking forward to giving the chicken a chance. Next time. Great work folks. Seriously. 8/10 Finger-Lickins.

If you are in the Kerns neighborhood today, I highly recommend giving this place a go. OH and try the pound cake, it looks amazing. I couldn’t handle that much food, but I think it might be something to try.

Sadly, I think this is the last cart I have at the Green Castle Food Court to review. I heard a very sad rumor that the HOA of the Kerns neighborhood is trying to start something with this court. If you close them down, I will cut your damn eyes out. These are awesome people making real food and a living. Why mess with that? Jerks. Joe Westerman–If there is anything I can do to help, let me know.




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