Burger Guild cart review

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I went to lunch today thinking I would just swing by one of my regular carts over at the Green Castle Food Court. I spotted a new one today!

Mike and Katie(ey?) had been toying with the idea for several years now of opening up a cart. Mike likes to make burgers while Katie likes to take your money. When I got to the window I was greeted with a simple menu with a simple theme. Burgers. However, the myriad of choices of what to do with your burger were impressive. They offer about 6 different styles of burgers that include a calamata burger, sliders, a blue cheese burger (I think that is what it was) and so on. Additionally for a few cents more you can add on giardiniera and some other tasty toppings.

I stuck with the classic burger.

The exploded view of the burger would read something like this:

Wheat bun


Green pepper

Leafy stuff


Secret saucey sauce

Burger (stuffed with cheddar cheese)


Wheat bun

It was tasty. I think it is a nice addition to the cart pod. I also think at $6.75 it earned about a 6/10 Finger-lickens. The meat could have used just a bit more spice. The bun was perfect and the leafy stuff got in the way, but somewhere in human history, that became sort of the way it was done…I’d like to go back and try the fried mushrooms and the pork tenderloin sandwich. If you are in the neighborhood and absolutely can’t drive over to Little Big Burger, Fosterburger, or (RIP) Blue Dragonfly for a burger, I recommend giving them a nibble if you are in a pinch.



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