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Lift Off-My Journal of 2010

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Last October I finished a pretty intense year of change. I spent a month afterward writing an e-book for myself that I titled “Lift Off”. I gave it to my therapist to show her my progress. It was this completely open presentation of myself that lead to a stronger me. I’ve only shared this with her and my girlfriend. Today, I’ve taken much time and decided to release a 99%* unedited version here for you to read.  “Why?” Because I trust you as a human being. I trust you inherent ability to have good intentions; regardless of what you might think about yourself.

I reflect on life, love, relationships, my career and everything in between. I hope you enjoy it. It can be downloaded below, just click the astronaut.

Below are the songs that I burned to the disc that accompanied the journal. Each links to a Youtube video of the song.


OCT- World of Sleepers :: Carbon Based Lifeforms

NOV- How to Disappear Completely :: Radiohead



JAN- Different Stars-Trespassers William

FEB- The Day the Whole World Went Away-Nine Inch Nails

MAR- Five on a Joyride-Cody Chesnutt

APR- Gymnopedie No. 1.-Erik Satie

MAY- Skin of a Drum-Saul Williams

JUN- Yeah Yeah-Matt and Kim

JUL- He Lays in the Reins-Iron & Wine

AUG- Country Livin’ (The World I Know)-Esthero

SEP- Recuerdos de la Alhambra-Francisco Tárrega

OCT- Everyone Has a Summer-Lovage

*I edited out two photos to maintain the privacy of the people involved.







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