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Halloween 2011

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My lady and her roommates had a freaking massive Halloween party at their house yesterday (the 29th). I decided to do up some makeup.

I got the idea from “rocketcarmike” on youtube. I added a bit of a Haitian Vodou’s Houngan flavor and a pinch of “Donnie Darko”. I was quite pleased with the outcome. It took about 2-3 hours to apply with most of the work coming down to getting the right amount of goo on the red. Special thanks to the Lippman Company for making the makeup possible.

From the triptych, you can see pretty much where the blending of zipper to face is taking place:

It was well received. I won in the category of “scariest”.  As m’lady was the impromptu MC of the evening, she went out, dressed to the nines in a red sequin outfit complete with New Orleans masquerade mask.

The lady to the left is dressed as a “Buck Hunter” Girl.

It was a really great night with about 75 people at the peak of the evening. Super thanks to all of those awesome people that came out dressed up!

Have a good Sunday people.






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