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Turkey Day 2011 and some updates

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Hello, Hello!

My lovely lady and I traveled back to Michigan for the holiday to join up with my parents for some wonderful food. This was the first time for her to meet my family. I think they liked her more than they like me. It went really well.


This happened on the last week of P90x and made for quite a way to wrap up the program. Every night was a full belly and heart. I still owe the universe one Ab Ripper X, but otherwise all cylinders are go. I lost about 12-15 pounds and reduced my body fat about 4% down to about 15% according to the scale in my hallway. It was a great challenge, but I’m glad to have a little more time in my schedule now.

When I came back to PDX, I had a lot of work to do. I still do. Con Cor Design is now incorporated and is slowly growing. I’m really pleased and can’t thank my clients enough. They took a chance with a tiny outsider company and it is working out great. I’m starting some new projects with Empirical Research and have been establishing some great work history with several agencies downtown. These are good days.

I’m nearly spilling over with excitement to talk about a secret project that I’ve been working with for the last 4 months, but it will have to wait until a few loose ends are tied up. Stay tuned for that.

I think one thing I’ve taken away from the last couple months is my new found ability to look at things from a business perspective. I find my entrepreneurial spirit has been reignited and it is really helping me out on a personal level. Looking at my life as a business. It is allowing me to cut certain elements out of my life to help me grow. I suppose my addiction towards defining my life through a series of analogies has evolved because of this.  Well, that and Harry G. Frankfurt’s “On Truth“.

Have a great week taters.





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