My perfect outfit…of now.

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By no means am I a fashionista or even some other sort of expert on the matter…but I know what I’m comfortable in my own skin with.

Finally after much time and simplification, my closet is getting closer and closer to nearly empty. This is partially in thanks to inspiration from certain “minimalist” bloggers but mostly due to my incessant need to purge belongings every other week.

With this, I’ve simplified my daily wear to 5 articles of clothing and a pair of shoes.

Shirt: Gap Men’s Medium Short-Sleeved Stretch Crew Shirt in black. Very soft cotton. Resilient. Fits well. Looks nice.

Pants: Levi’s Men’s 514 Slim Straight Leg Jeans. Pretty decent denim at normal people prices. Very comfortable and durable. I’ve worn these to dressier parties without batting an eye.

Socks: Bates Over The Calf Tactical Uniform Socks. These suckers are so good. The hug your legs, keep you warm and aren’t too thick so you can actually wear various shoes without too much hassle.

Underwear: Hanes Comfort Soft Boxer Briefs. I like these because there isn’t a tag, they keep you “in place”, and when you wash them and take them out of the dryer, it is like being hugged by magical heat faeries on your bits.

Shoes:TOMS Men’s Classic Canvas Slip-Ons. I bought my first pair last November because I wanted some sort of cozy slippery sort of thing to wear around the studio. Then I just kinda kept them on. Perfect for everyday wear, nice enough that you can pull them off in some unexpected circumstances such as a client meeting, and so damn cozy…oh…and when you buy a pair, they give a pair of shoes to someone in need.

I have a few button up shirts, and a suit, but mainly, these are my normal digs. I recommend giving some of this stuff a shot. And ladies, almost everything I’ve listed works on you too! Yep yep.

That’s all I’ve got for now kids. Have a great evening.




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