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March/April Madness

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Hi friends.

What a hell of a month and a half!

I moved in with my Salsa Monkey mid-March. We moved into a cute row house on the SE side of town. We, with the herculean help of an army of friends with various trucks, created a caravan to haul the Madam’s stuff over to the new place on a rainy…sunny…rainy… Portland day.  It was great to have the help. We got it all done in around 4-5 hours. After a bit more cleaning up, we moved the small leftovers in and called it a day.

Flash forward a month.

Things are still unsettled due to us both being very busy and some space needing to still be cleared out so we can do a bit more storagey sorts of things.  I’ve made a make-shift shop to construct our coffee table (rendering below).

The frame is welded and painted and the wood stain is drying as I type this. Once I finish it, I’ll be sure to post some photos. Finished photos below. Those little dividers between the planks are laser cut steel stops. Initially I was going to weld them to the frame. After further exploration, I decided that I can get a better fit if I screw them to the sides of the plank. Based on cost, I might add them later down the line.

I love the little knot in the below image. It looks like a capital letter “I” or a person jumping.


After moving in, we had about a week and a half to settle into our new surroundings before flying out to Sayulita, Mexico. Great surf town with awesome food and even more awesome  people. If you want to see pictures, click here.

The weekend after we got back, I had a flood of emails to sort through, a bunch of projects to give some love to, and a welding class to attend at Delia Furniture. Very fun times.

This week was a little slow, but it was exactly what I needed to work on the table and start brainstorming the process for the next PolyPlane premium video. It will be an introduction to “surfacing”.

All in all, I’d say the last month and a half was a total success…outside of the whole “having your clients resend checks to your new address” thing. Sorry guys! Anyways…fun times.

Alright, time to go to Mississippi Pizza Pub for some live music before putting this week to bed.

Later taters.




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