A thought about living now:

2002 was a funny year for me. It was filled with a lot of different emotions. It was also a year that changed me forever.

I was living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and going to school for industrial design. My nights were spent living out the typical student life of studies, laughter and a healthy dose of irresponsibility. I remember it vividly. The time was good. As most memories of good times are, it was probably not as good as I make it sound. However, it was. Furthermore, it was as vivid as it is in my memories. All of my phases of life are. Vivid, that is.

The trick to living in a vivid “now” is finding the parts of your day or week that sing to you. For me it was the short walk to this little antique store/coffee shop that sold bags of wasabi peas right on Butler St. next to the pizzaria I wound up working at as a barista for a few months. It was a good time. This is a good time. Right now.  Right now, as I type this, there is a stain of flavor in my mouth from my morning coffee, the overcast day makes the green of the foliage pop off of the gray sky. My arms and shoulders and even fingers are sore from last night’s session at the climbing gym. My desk is scattered with doodles, drawings, and playing cards — like little trails that show where my brain was a day or so ago.

Find those little details. They are like miniature amplifiers that suggest what is really going on in your life. Sometimes the physical can describe the metaphysical. You just need to know where to look. Here is my desk at the moment:

Look at all those little bits of information that suggest where things are/were/are going.

Look around for these sort of clues. They will help you appreciate where you are right now and give you a good sense of where you are going.

In other news:

Currently, I’m working on securing a project with a recreation center in Sea Side, Oregon. If it goes through, I’ll be redesigning the lobby space of the building to improving the visual aesthetics of the space, improving traffic flow, helping merchandise sales via new welcome counter and a few other variables. It was kind of nice to get a potential project off of the Con Cor Design site. Usually I get my jobs via word of mouth or repeat clients.

PolyPlane is going to be going through some extensive changes in the next few months as I give the site a face lift and implement some additional functionality. There will be a new format to the lineage of the videos that will release me from being on the hook to record a video every week. It is really eating at my time to do, so if I can create a more autonomous model, I think it will help me out some in the future. I’ll be also holding monthly modeling contests to increase traffic and create a larger focus on the community around the site. That has been a big challenge that I struggle with. People are afraid to post their images. It is hard to bring something out into the world that you’ve created if you’ve never done it before. Subjecting yourself to critique can be a scary thing for some. The contest will award the winner with a 3D print of their model thanks my partner, Peak Solutions. If all goes well, it should promote some awesome community input.

On the homestead, this weekend, my lady is out in Montana for another wedding. I’m filling these days with work and climbing. Tonight I might take myself out for a little me-date. Maybe a movie or something. I really am excited to see Seven Psychopaths. The interview with Christopher Walken made it sound like a good time.  Too bad it won’t be out for a few weeks still.

Alright taters, I’ve gotta get back to some work here before going for a run. Have a fantastic and dynamic weekend. Remember to stay in the now.

Iam Est.






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