“It’s time to take”

This is written in one of my notebooks as an incomplete sentence. Maybe I broke my thought, maybe I was in the middle of listening to something and forgot to write the rest down, but for whatever reason, it struck me as a funny statement. “It’s time to take” Unpunctuated, small, written at the beginning of a page with nothing else on it.¬†Vacuous.

In Lila, Robert Pirsig makes an interesting connection between the sudden gaps in time we find and the way that we fill them. “They were having the time of their lives.”

When things are planned out and scheduled and things are running smooth, and all of a sudden, you find a gap of time. The reaction at first is frustration as it disrupts your flow.

All that time we were waiting for the locks to open, crying about how terrible it was we couldn’t get going, we were having the time of our lives…Suddenly a space was created in everyone’s lives. An unexpected gap of time had opened up. The reaction of everyone at first was frustration. To sit around and do nothing, that was just terrible…Soon everyone was visiting somebody on somebody else’s boat. Parties broke out everywhere, simultaneously. “

We take our time, because it is time to take. It is a currency we can all have the same amount of in a given day.

Iam Est.





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