I like titles. I’m not sure why I do, but I do. In 2005, I knighted myself and legally changed my name to Sir Gabriel Vincent Mathews. In 2007, I became ordained so I could officiate friends. My full name now is Reverend Sir Gabriel Vincent Mathews. Maybe I’ll get an online doctorate to really stretch it out.

New Year’s Eve I spent the evening with some friends in Lodi, CA. I officiated the wedding at 7:10 PM and the rest of the night was spent dancing, eating and smiling.

I have a tradition when I wed couples to take their photo right before I pronounce the marriage. There is something neat about being the last person to take a photo of the couple before they are spouses. I’m not sure what it is, but that is how it jives. The family was really nice and the food was dynamite.  I don’t drink, but there is something really serene about wine country. Maybe it is the stillness. I’m not sure.

Special thanks to the Tiptons for having me and my lady out for such a nice little getaway. It made for a perfect start to the new year!

In other news, I finally got on board and bought an iPhone. Leaps and bounds better than my crappy little LG Cosmos. Holy smokes that thing is great.




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