Last weekend my company, Con Cor Design sponsored and facilitated some functions for the WeMake Celebrates party as part of the wrap up of Design Week Portland 2013.

I usually set aside about $500 a year for company promotions per DBA. This event ate up just about all of it, but I think the experience, on a large scale, was worth it. To have my logo pasted up before a Laika presentation and to see some of my clients and old coworkers in a big-ass warehouse made for a pretty great event.

CCD paid for the projectors, gobos, and space planning. The event took place at Sandbox Studio.


Image courtesy of @Kirspati  on Instagram.

Moving on. This month is covered in gobs of work. Preparing for the 2014 year of shows for Sig Sauer as I continue my partnership with Pinnacle Exhibits to refine the Sig look at the conference level. It’s really great to work with professional people that aren’t afraid to get down and dirty when things get tough. Makes for some killer work. Below is the DSEI booth I designed for the 2013 show. Many man hours went into the fabrication and the client was pleased with the result. Now it is a matter of paring down the design for tier 2 level shows while going through the trials of  maintaining the new international aesthetic. This has been a really fun and challenging program to be a part of.

DSEI 2013

I’ve also been intermittently helping the dudes at MC Laser Labs with various projects. Mostly laying out lines for things like their kick-ass bird house from the WeMake party:



And helping the collaboration between Adam Garcia and Chester of MC Laser Labs come up with this pimpin’ speaker cabinet:


Damn, I’ve been busy.

Between that and the work I’m doing with Empirical Research and Intel, my plate is freaking full. (aside from a semi-sweet secret project I’m working on in the background.) Time for the dog park.

Later taters.



PS-Cover photo by Ethan Allen Smith






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