A few months ago I started both a tumblr account and a pinterest account. The function of which was to take the advice of various strangers that I’ve met over the last few years who have all come to me with the same message: put down all of what you are in front of you; all your interests, all of the things that fascinate, all the things that resonate with a truth that you can’t seem to put into words. By doing this, you’ll reveal yourself to you.

As I am chronically in an existential crisis this seemed like as good a time as any to take the call and the action and see what happens. While I don’t have any answers yet, I’m really enjoying the exploration. Sure it is a little masterbatory in practice, but I feel like patterns are bound to emerge.

A funny fact about the word “crisis” — It’s from late Middle English (denoting the turning point of a disease): medical Latin, from Greek krisis‘decision,’ from krinein ‘decide.’ The general sense ‘decisive point’ dates from the early 17th cent. Decide. Maybe this is where it starts to extract its negative connotation. It is forcing you to non-middle. Forcing you to take a path. A favorite web comic of mine “Zen Pencils” by Gavin Aung Than  has a great comic about the poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost and another entitled “Ultimate Self-Help Book” by Stephen Frye. Both of these touch on the idea of not “mediuming” (by the ever so endearing Ze Frank) That is where I am now. I’m starting to lose myself with the medium of the room. Safety is welcome when you run your own business. I welcome edges when I know I have a bungee cord attached.

I invite you to tell me how you avoid the medium middle extra gray space of center.




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